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Stop paying monthly fees for your Book & Pay Button facility

The Book & Pay Button facility places a booking button on your website that allows customers to check availability and book and pay straight away. Also included are SMS and email alerts whenever a booking is made.

A link is placed on the hotel’s web site that lets the hotel manager adjust all allocations, inclusion, change prices and the facility to switch on and off the SMS alerts whenever a booking is made. Guests can check availability and book and pay from the hotel’s own website. Most people enter your website from a last minute site and statistics prove if you have a Book & Pay button on your website the customer will usually book then and there, saving you from paying commissions.

The Book and Pay Button is flexible enough to work from your website, mobile website, Facebook page or anywhere you desire. You can also track data and generate reports from your Hotel Wizzard Book and Pay Button to source where your bookings originate from.

With Hotel Wizzard you only pay 3% on bookings generated from your Book & Pay facility so if you don’t get a booking you don’t pay anything.

Consolidate and convert your web traffic into actual bookings with the Hotel Wizzard Book and Pay Button.

   Hotel Wizzard can also add a Book and Pay Button to your Facebook
   or other social media pages to generate even more bookings.


  • No ecommerce bank fees or other hidden pricing...
  • There are NO contracts...
  • Automatically allows guests to check your availability from your website...
  • NO setup fees...
  • Booking reports and tracking data on booking sources.
  • Make money from your own website through your Book and Pay Button.

Increase your business efficiency and online revenue NOW with your own Book and Pay Button.

Book and Pay Button Option 1

  • Book and Pay Facility (DPS Payment System).
  • Payments are received through a Secure DPS payment portal and paid directly to the property at the beginning of the month after transaction.
  • All bookings generated from your "Book and Pay Button" from your own website only, Hotel Wizzard charges a 3.5% +gst success fee.
  • Hotel pays no extra Eftpos or bank fees.

Book and Pay Button Option 2

  • Book and Pay Facility (Instant payment through your eftpos).
  • Hotelier collects payment instantly at the time of booking.
  • Payment Data is processed on the Hotel Wizzard secure page and payment is taken through your own eftpos machine plus the booking fee.
  • The manager has to collect the booking fee of (normally) $4.95 as well as the full payment; the booking fee can be set by Hotel Wizzard administration to whatever the manager decides.
  • All bookings generated from your "Book and Pay Button" from your own website only, Hotel Wizzard charges a 3% +gst success fee.
  • Hotel Wizzard also allows you to set a booking fee (normally $4.95) for each booking on your "Book and Pay Button" from your own website. This increases your revenue by $4.95 for every booking generated by the "Book and Pay Button" from your own website.
  • All bookings from an internet booking provider (e.g. Wotif, Quickbeds, Bookeasy etc) Hotel Wizzard charges a zero% success fee.

DPS Payment Portal Option 3

for Properties without a Payment Merchant Facility
  • Payment portal included within the Guest Invoice.
  • Take secure payments for bookings and other charges straight away.
  • Allows you to sign up with and Wotif or even use this facility to charge Agoda Credit Card.
  • Securely process payments immediately for telephone or walk-in bookings.
  • Cheaper than a merchant facility at only 3.3% (+gst) of payments processed through our Secure DPS Payment Portal.
For properties outside of Australia, please contact us for pricing specific to your country.

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