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We took over Karma only about three months ago and we need to increase our occupancy. I knew that internet sites were the way to go but as a one person operation, the logistics of updating six or seven sites each time a booking is made was out of the question.

Channelmanager solved this problem for me. Even though we have been virtually fully booked over December and January I have picked up 'filler bookings' from the last minute sites that have significantly improved my occupancy rates. Also, I was unhappy with the service provided and the Pricing associated with the software I was using for my daybook. Channelmanager has solved this beautifully. It is impossible for us to incur a double booking.

It is a great system and Colin and Jeanette provide excellent service. I am happy to recommend Channelmanager to any small to medium accommodation business. Thanks, Colin and Jeanette
Beverley, Karma Chalets, Denmark W.A.

We have used Channel Manager for only about two months. It provides a great tool to capture and organise the wealth of bookings that originate from the online sites such as Wotif, Rates to Go etc. This capturing of these bookings in this way cuts down on work and time that would otherwise be spent handling these. The ability to control these external websites from Channel manager also saves time on maintaining the numerous individual websites.
Hotel Mayfair

I would like to thank Colin and Jeanette of Channelmanager. I am a "one woman show" here with a four bedroom B&B and not a lot of time to fiddle with last minute sites.
BUT Channelmanager has provided me with not only more business but a simple and efficient to use desktop booking / records system. Friendly help was available for setting up and It is efficient to use with all last minute sites.

Thanks for boosting my business and with NO double bookings.
Miriam Cooper at Mulberry Cottage B&B and Grannie Rhodes, Richmond, Tasmania

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