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Over-lap Rooms

Sell the same room in multiple ways

Hotel Wizzard now offers the ability to over-lap rooms to maximise your bookings

Get the most out of your property and Booking providers with over-lapped rooms...

Our comprehensive Hotel Wizzard system gives you the ability to have rooms over-lapped so that you can maximise your bookings on booking provider websites to set up 1 room in different formats.
For example, you can set up a Deluxe room which for 1 night as well as a Deluxe 3 night special for the same room.

This will allow you to display any specials on the booking website and whenever a room gets booked either way our system will automatically update both room types on the booking websites, giving you the freedom and flexibility to have many different overlapped combinations which will all be updated as soon as one is booked.

In the above example, "Deluxe Room" and "Deluxe Room 3 night package" are the same room,
but advertised and sold in a different way.
The Deluxe Room can be sold for $180 per night with a 1 night minimum.
The "Deluxe Room 3 night package" can be sold for $480 for 3 nights averaging $160 per night,
but with a 3 night minimum.

In the above example, a guest has booked the "Deluxe Room 3 night package" room
from the 5 November and displays Mon 5th, Tue 6th and Wed 7th as Sold
Hotel Wizzard has the ability to automatically display
Mon 5th, Tue 6th and Wed 7th Sold as well for the "Deluxe Room"
because "Deluxe Room 3 night package" is an over-lap room of the "Deluxe Room"

      Please use our room calculator below:

           How many rooms:

           How many over-lap rooms:

     Only: $per month
        +10% GST for Australian properties

         (For Hotels over 50 Rooms please contact us.)

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